Photoshop of the moment – Rorschach’s Edmonton Journal

Stupid name I know… but it’s a local Graffiti artist,
and Rorschach is really really cool…
(not as cool as Batman, but you knew that already)

10 points if your from the Edmonton area and you can tell me where this is…

Rorschach's Edmonton Journal

I didn’t do alot of photoshopping to this image,
but it definitely looks different then the original
I’m not claiming this art piece as mine,
I just took the picture and photoshopped it…
it’s all in admiration of a great piece…


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One response to “Photoshop of the moment – Rorschach’s Edmonton Journal

  1. rob

    It’s right close to whyte ave in the alley between Bamboo Ballroom and Sophia’s. I got shots of this stencil and an Iron Man Stencil by the same artist, you can check ’em out here: